For the traditional preparation of Kava – only KAVAHA BAG:

100% cotton.

Plain weave with a mesh size ideally suited for straining Kava extract – eliminates the risk of ground Kava roots getting into the liquid squeezed out of the bag.

The bag’s seal is further secured by drawstrings at the top that keep root particles from spilling out even if you knead vigorously.

Natural raw canvas – the fabric is not softened or subjected to artificial chemical processes such as bleaching or dyeing.

Cotton guarantees durability (both of the fabric and of the stitching), even in the case of prolonged and vigorous straining of the extract.

Yet durability does not impair ease of use: the bags are easy to knead and squeeze, even with a large portion of roots inside.

The size of the bag (17 x 26 cm) is perfect for convenient portioning.

Safety – thanks to its natural cotton (the drawstrings are made of cotton, too), the bag is easy to keep clean, even after repeated use; to make sure that no microorganisms grow on it, you can wash the bag at 90°C and then iron it.

Multiple use of each bag (along with the Kava inside) is also made possible by its stitching: the bag is sewn twice and hemmed with an overlock stitch to make sure that the fabric does not fray or tear, even when kept in the fridge or freezer – it easily withstands dampness and low temperatures.

The bags are fully organic and naturally hypoallergenic.


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 0.1 cm

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